A grid connection project overview

A connection planned to connect to the Fingrid main grid is being developed and delivered in cooperation with the customer. A project can be summarised in four stages as shown in the picture Grid Connection Project i.e. Connectivity, Planning, Construction and Commissioning.

Based on the early phase information about the connection and the customer need we assess and examine the various solution alternatives all of which are informing the final connection solution (Connectivity). In the planning phase more detailed technical plans and drawings are drafted and discussed and delivered to Fingrid for review (Planning).

After the planning phase, the construction of the agreed connection solution can start based on the reviewed plans (Construction). The costs of the electrical installation construction are covered and shared based on the electrical installation ownership of Fingrid and that of the customer.

The commissioning of the grid connection is agreed in an early phase with Fingrid system operation to ensure smooth operation start (Commissioning).

During the grid connection project it is vital to follow up that technical data concerning the planned connection is up-to-date and delivered to Fingrid. This is to ensure the safe operation of the connection without any compromises.

Project overview
Project overview

Grid connection project

The terms and conditions of connecting the grid connection to the Finnish main grid are outlined in the connection agreement. The agreement shall describe the ownership and responsibilities and the usage rights as well as the grid connection fees. The agreement shall become effective once both parties have signed it and the customer has paid the connection fees specified in the connection agreement.

The connection agreement is valid until further notice. The termination of the agreement shall require three years' notice. The agreement cannot be terminated earlier than 15 years from the signing of the agreement.

The terms and conditions of transmitting electricity to and from the Finnish main grid through customer connection point are outlined in a separate main grid agreement. The main grid agreement requires a valid connection agreement.