Technical data

Continuous communication between a customer and Fingrid is essential in every phase of the grid connection project. Electrical safety and operational reliability of a new grid connection are ensured by using technical data.

Required technical data during the grid connection project
Table: Technical data of a grid connection project
Phase of the project​Required technical data (from customer to Fingrid)
Connectivity Customer's contact information 
Basic information on a connection and a potential site
Basic information on a transformer and a branch line 
Main grid information (from Fingrid to customer)
Planning Network layout and major equipment location
Single line diagram
Realization of energy accounting
Earthing system
Exact information on the transformer and the branch line
Information on the relay protection and communication link
Construction and commissioning Project schedule and preferred connection date
Final documents and electrical values

Technical data on Customer Grid Connection will be submitted to Fingrid. When connecting a power plant, also Power Plant Data is required from the customer.
During the power plant project special requirements for the Operational Performance of Power Plants set by Fingrid must be taken into account.

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