President's message

Jukka Ruusunen
Jukka Ruusunen

The energy sector has become a crucial industry globally and therefore also attained a prominent position in the labour market. Electricity transmission system operators have a focal role in the implementation of the European climate strategy. The energy and climate goals cannot be achieved without an adequate and reliable electricity transmission grid. The transmission industry is carrying out large-scale construction projects and focuses heavily on research and development. There is a need for experts, because there are many challenges to be solved.

Fingrid is responsible for the Finnish electricity transmission grid, the most important infrastructure of our society. About 75 per cent of all electricity used in Finland is transmitted through Fingrid's grid. Every day, Fingrid employees can see the impact of their work on the lives of all Finns: Finland is powered by electricity. In line with international co-operation and the expanding electricity market, our work also has a more and more prominent international dimension.

In other words, there is much meaningful work with the grid far into the future. The long time span brings stability to the work. It has been shown that this is the best contributor to the workplace atmosphere.

International benchmarking studies have indicated that Fingrid is one of the world's best transmission system operators. Such an outcome can only be accomplished by a company with a skilled, motivated, innovative and committed staff, who share strong values, an effective strategy and a management system that is able to execute the strategic decisions as effectively as possible. We need skilled people. Now and in the future.

Welcome to do work that makes a difference!

Jukka Ruusunen
President & CEO