31.5.2024 12:19
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Price rises in the electricity guarantee of origin service, effective from 1 July 2024

On 1 July 2024, Finextra Oy will increase the unit prices for issuing, importing and exporting electricity GOs.

From the beginning of July 2024, the unit price for issuance will be €0.006/MWh (from 1 January to 30 June 2024, the unit price is €0.0055/MWh) and the unit price for imports and exports will be €0.004/MWh (from 1 January to 30 June 2024, the price is €0.003/MWh). No other unit prices will rise.

The price revisions are due to unforeseen additional costs incurred by Finextra Oy that could not reasonably have been anticipated when deciding on the 2024 pricing.

The most significant unforeseen costs have resulted from the introduction of the new V80 data transfer format in the Association of Issuing Bodies (AIB) Hub, updates to the Hub platform, and the launch of a project focusing on the V81 data transfer format, which will be adopted in 2025. The AIB decided on the latter two after Finextra Oy announced its pricing for 2024.

Finextra Oy passed AIB’s technical audit before the V80 data transfer format was introduced. However, the specifications of AIB’s data transfer format were subsequently found to include inaccuracies that caused problems with international transfers of GOs, necessitating further measures. The errors in the data transfer format were corrected, and international transfers have since worked normally.

According to section 9 (“Fees”) of the Standard Terms and Conditions (STC) appended to the service agreement for electricity GOs, Finextra Oy is entitled to revise its charges mid-year if the content of the services changes materially or additional costs arise that could not have been reasonably anticipated in connection with the annual price list update.

Further information: Kaija Niskala, Manager, Energy Accounting and Guarantees of Origin (kaija.niskala@fingrid.fi, +358 30 395 5147