16.2.2024 12:34
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Invitation to participate in the development of technical requirements for Dynamic FFR

The Nordic TSOs have initiated a work to study the feasibility to further develop the technical requirements of the Fast Frequency Reserve (FFR). The aim of the work is to introduce a dynamic version of the FFR product. The current FFR is a so-called static product, meaning that it is triggered at a defined frequency level, and after that doesn’t dynamically adjust the power output to follow the frequency.  As the current FFR is defined in a static way, it does not utilize the capabilities of some technologies with dynamic capabilities in an optimal way. The intention of investigating the possibility to introduce a dynamic version of FFR is to better utilize these capabilities from technologies such as batteries, wind and solar power.

The TSOs want to invite stakeholders to participate in a Nordic reference group. The reference group is aimed at stakeholders who want to be involved in the development of Dynamic FFR and can contribute with their knowledge about the control capabilities of technologies that could be suitable to provide FFR. The relevant technologies are expected to include for example battery energy storage, wind power and solar power. The reference group is of technical nature, meaning that topics related to market design and procurement are out of scope at this stage.

The reference group starts with an introduction webinar on March 18th 9-11 CET. To sign up to the reference group, please fill in this form by March 8th.

The current static FFR option is expected to remain available for technologies that are not suitable for the dynamic version. Already prequalified FFR providing entities may continue as static or switch to the dynamic version. The Nordic TSOs will subject the final proposal for the dynamic FFR specification to public consultation before implementation.

Further information:

Pia Ruokolainen, firstname.lastname@fingrid.fi, tel. +358 30 395 5105