26.1.2024 21:18
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EstLink 2 electricity transmission link between Finland and Estonia has failed, investigation continues

One of the electricity transmission links between Finland and Estonia failed on Friday 26 January. The failure of the Estlink 2 link is being investigated.

The EstLink 2 electricity transmission link between Finland and Estonia was disconnected from the grid around midnight on Friday. The Finnish and Estonian grid companies Fingrid and Elering immediately started investigating the fault and work will continue until the fault has been located. 

The electricity transmission link is out of service for the time being. The repair of the connection will start as soon as the fault location has been identified. The failure of the cross-border electricity transmission link did not endanger the operation of the electricity system in Finland, the electricity system is functioning normally and electricity reliability is currently good. However, the failure of the EstLink 2 link has reduced the electricity transmission capacity between Finland and Estonia by 650 MW.  

There are electricity transmission connections from Finland to Estonia, Sweden and Norway. EstLink 2 is the second electricity transmission link between Finland and Estonia and has a transmission capacity of 650 MW. The total length of the electricity transmission link is 170 km, of which 145 km is submarine cable, 14 km overhead on the Finnish side and 12 km underground in Estonia.

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