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Webinar on the development of arrangements for cross- zonal hedging opportunities between Sweden and Finland

Svenska kraftnät and Fingrid to hold a joint webinar 21th April on the development of arrangements for long-term hedging on the Finnish-Swedish bidding zone borders (FI-SE1 and FI-SE3).

Fingrid, Svenska kraftnät and Kraftnät Åland have been granted extended time, until 14th October 2023, to submit a proposal in accordance with ACER's decision no. 12/2022 to develop and provide cross-zonal hedging products other than long-term transmission rights as a support to the functioning of wholesale electricity markets. An extended timeframe was necessary as this is the first time TSOs have been requested to provide hedging products other than long-term transmission rights.

During the webinar, 21th April, 15.30-17, Svenska kraftnät and Fingrid will present the current status of ongoing work and related processes.

Cross-border access to forward markets depends on the market design – some key issues to be discussed during the webinar are (i) market structure (MCO, PXs, CCPs), (ii) product design and inclusion, (iii) allocation principles and (iv) capacity calculation and splitting.

There are currently few details in the existing legislation for these arrangements. Even though the TSOs can utilize empirical experience from Svenska kraftnät’s pilot of EPAD auctions in the Swedish internal bidding zone borders, the practical experience from similar arrangements is limited. This makes it particularly important to involve market participants and other stakeholders in the work of elucidating different choices in the design of the model.

In addition to the webinar, a stakeholder consultation regarding the arrangements is planned to be conducted in the beginning of August.

Material for the webinar will be published appr. 1 week before the event. The webinar will contain a Q&A session. The TSOs invite stakeholders to submit their questions for TSOs beforehand to the email addresses below by 17th April.

Fingrid Oyj: FCA[at]fingrid.fi

Svenska kraftnät: forhandsmarknad[at]svk.se


Further information:

Antti Raininko, Fingrid Oyj, antti.raininko[at]fingrid.fi, tel. +358 40 829 0492

Rodrigo Gonzalez, Svenska kraftnät, rodrigo.gonzalez[at]svk.se, tel. +4610 475 99 46

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