17.11.2023 10:08
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Olkiluoto 3 will be tested on 29 November to ensure its capability to operate reliably in the main grid

A fault ride through test will be performed on Olkiluoto 3 to ensure it is capability of producing electricity in the event of a brief, transient fault.

Olkiluoto 3 is the largest individual power plant unit in the Nordic electricity system. In terms of the functionality of the electricity system, it is important to ensure that the power plant operates stably and reliably in various situations, including faults in the grid. Fingrid will arrange a fault ride through test on 29 November to ensure the reliable operation of Olkiluoto 3.

Olkiluoto 3 must operate reliably during and after the fault ride through test. During the test, the power plant will produce electricity to the main grid. The fault ride through test requires Fingrid to change the connection of the main grid to ensure that the test has a minimal impact on other customers connected to grid. Due to the special connection in the main grid, it will be necessary to limit the volume of wind power production on the west coast during the test.

Fingrid has set technical and operational requirements for the design and rating of power plants. The requirements are set out in the document “Grid code specification for power generating facilities (VJV)”, which Fingrid maintains and develops taking into account the legislation, the needs of the electricity system, and commonly used technology.

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