15.3.2023 15:42
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Fingrid’s Green Bond annual report published

Fingrid has published the Green Bond annual report.

The report describes the investment projects financed through the EUR 100 million Green Bond issued by the company in 2017 and their climate and environmental impacts. Proceeds from the Green Bond were allocated to eleven investment projects to connect renewable energy production to the main grid or to reduce technical losses in electricity transmission.

Since 2019, Fingrid has reported the amount of indirect carbon dioxide emissions avoided as regards projects related to renewable energy production. These impacts are estimated to amount to approximately 209,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent in total in 2022. The impacts have been verified by Ernst & Young Oy.

Jussi Pohjanpalo, Fingrid’s Group Treasurer, considers green bonds a good solution, which contributes to enabling cost-effective reliable electricity for the company’s customers and society, and the implementation of a clean, market-oriented power system of the future:

Fingrid’s green financing, including green bonds, promotes cost effectively that the network investments to connect numerous electricity production and consumption projects  of our customers are implemented as planned. This promotes the aim for carbon neutral Finland in 2035 and Finland’s competitiveness for clean investment activity. Fingrid’s aim is to increase the amount of green financing in funding the company’s 3 billion euros investment program”, says Pohjanpalo.


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Jussi Pohjanpalo, Group Treasurer, Fingrid