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Fingrid Magazine 3/2023: Transmission outages require careful planning and close cooperation

The third Fingrid customer magazine of the year has been published. The themes in this issue include grid transmission outages, work and analysis of the main grid vision, competitive tendering of construction projects, and a hydrogen economy project. The magazine also includes some parting words from the outgoing President & CEO, Jukka Ruusunen, who will retire at the end of the year.

In his editorial for issue 3/2023 of the Fingrid Magazine, Mikko Heikkilä, Fingrid’s Strategic Grid Planning Manager, writes about how clean energy is becoming the cornerstone of Finland’s competitiveness and a source of well-being. “Finland should foster the conditions for building competitive onshore wind power and expanding the main grid,” he emphasises.

The main article in the Fingrid Magazine covers grid transmission outages. A record number of transmission outages has occurred in the main grid this year, in large part due to the investments required for renewable energy. Electricity transmission outages require careful planning because they affect so many people. Interviews with Pasi Mantila, an Expert at Fingrid, Kimmo Määttä, Leader of the Operations and Maintenance Team at Oulu Energy Ltd, Janne Kiiskilä, Control Centre Manager at Caverion, and Mikko Piironen, Unit Manager at Fingrid.

Other topics in the magazine:

  • Main grid studies, analysis and visions – Fingrid’s core business. Interviews with Mikko Heikkilä from Fingrid, Jorma Myllymäki from Elenia, and Erika Kylmänen from the Council of the Oulu Region.    
  • Competitive tendering of Fingrid’s construction projects: responsible international cooperation. Interviews with Ritva Laine from Fingrid and three European contractors. 
  • Hydrogen points the way towards the energy market of the future. Interviews with Jussi Närhi from Fingrid and Sara Kärki from Gasgrid.
  • Interview with Jukka Ruusunen, Fingrid’s outgoing President & CEO: Saving the world
  • Practical question: Why is a stable frequency important for the power grid?

Safety on the Lines, Fingrid’s occupational safety publication, is published twice a year as a supplement to the Fingrid magazine. This issue covers topics including the safety of electrical work. When we build new sections of the main grid, we work with high voltages, so we cannot afford any accidents.

The printed version of the Fingrid Magazine will be published for customers and subscribers. A PDF version of the magazine is available on Fingrid’s website, and the articles will be published in phases in Fingrid’s online magazine at https://www.fingridlehti.fi/en/home/ 

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