28.9.2023 16:15
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Feedback on the study of the adequacy of electricity highlights the need for new solutions

Fingrid asked its stakeholders to give their views on its analysis of the development of the adequacy of electricity in the 2020s, published in June, and on a study by consulting company AFRY of solutions to support the adequacy of electricity. There was a broad consensus among the respondents about the outlook for the future and the need for new solutions, but their views diverged when it came to the functionality of different solutions. The work is now expected to continue under the leadership of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment.

A stakeholder consultation was held from 9 June to 18 August 2023. We received opinions from 16 organisations representing electricity producers, electricity suppliers, industrial electricity consumers, interest groups, equipment suppliers and distribution system operators. We would like to thank our stakeholders for being active in issuing statements.

Fingrid’s forecast of the trends in electricity production and consumption in the 2020s was considered largely correct. The respondents shared views on the challenges related to the adequacy of electricity and the need to develop new solutions to support it. However, none of the five solutions set out in AFRY’s report received unqualified support, nor did any solution emerge as the clear favourite.

The stakeholders expect the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment to work swiftly to promote solutions for supporting the adequacy of electrical power. This was also highlighted in the current government’s programme. The respondents also stressed the importance of an open and inclusive preparatory process. The consultation feedback revealed concerns about the potential closure of district heating power plants, which the Ministry should consider as it continues this work. The stakeholders also supported the termination of the current strategic reserve system (peak load reserve) due to its lack of efficiency.

The report in Finnish includes a more detailed summary of the feedback we received (link below).


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