11.11.2022 10:09
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Technical guideline for submitting 15-minute production plans has been published

The requirements for the production plans submitted by balance responsible parties are changing as of 22 May 2023. A technical guideline has now been published.

Fingrid is revising its requirements for the production plans submitted by balance responsible parties. The requirements are based on the needs of both balance management and work on the electricity market information exchange development. In the future, balance responsible parties will submit 15-minute production plans instead of the current 60-minute plans. The change will come into effect when moving to the 15-minute imbalance settlement period on 22 May 2023.

To supplement Fingrid's general terms and conditions concerning balance management, a separate guideline on production plan reporting and information exchange has now been published providing detailed technical information for the delivery of production plans in the future. The guideline will be maintained, and it is possible to influence its content by giving feedback.

Fingrid will offer a flexible period of approximately one month for the transition to the delivery of 15-minute production plans. A testing service is also coming into use to support the transition, the purpose of which is to ensure the technical compliance of the 15-minute production plans delivered by balance responsible parties before starting the production use. Schedules and practical actions will be communicated to balance responsible parties in a targeted manner.

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