29.6.2022 12:32
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Research: Fingrid is valued as a company by experts in the field of technology

Fingrid’s reputation among professionals in the technology sector has improved; especially among students in the field, the company’s reputation is excellent. According to the research, reputation is clearly linked to people’s behaviour, such as applying for a job.

The research company T-Media regularly examines Fingrid’s reputation among its various stakeholders. In spring 2022, students in the field of technology and those already working as professionals in the technology sector were asked for their views on Fingrid. The research helps to give a concrete picture of the state of employer reputation, as well as providing assistance for developing the company’s attractiveness.  According to the latest results, Fingrid has successfully managed to encounter the stakeholder under examination.

A total of 1,490 professionals in the field of technology were interviewed for T-Media’s annual Employer Reputation Survey conducted using the Reputation&Trust model. More detailed reputational assessments of Fingrid were provided by 164 technical professionals. With this sampling, the margin of error is ± 0.05 units (on a scale of 1 to 5).

Based on the annual survey, Fingrid’s reputation has remained on the positive side, and the overall rating now achieved is 3.74 on a scale of 1 to 5. The rating is made up of eight dimensions in which respondents are asked, among other things, for their views on the company’s governance, leadership, dialogue and responsibility.

In addition to these, the in-depth statements examine the atmosphere at the workplace, the attractiveness of work tasks and the possibilities for career progression in more detail. For the first time, Fingrid achieved the green level, in other words a good level, in both the general and in-depth questions. As a whole, Fingrid is perceived as a well-managed and attractive employer.

The development of Fingrid’s reputation among fields of technology. Source: T-Media.

“Fingrid has succeeded in improving the dimension of dialogue targeted especially at stakeholders. We have tried to find different ways of coming together with our stakeholders even during the coronavirus pandemic, and I believe that these long-term efforts will be reflected as an improvement in profits,” says Tiina Miettinen, Senior Vice President, HR and communications.

The company’s reputation is quite good among experts in the energy sector but, in other respects, Fingrid is not so well known as an employer. Miettinen also understands the importance of developing employer reputation.

“In the coming years, the energy sector will offer a huge number of interesting jobs for experts in energy technology, but we should be able to provide more information on our job opportunities on a wider scope as well. Who would not want to do meaningful work in a company that can influence the realisation of a carbon-neutral Finland in 2035,” Miettinen sums up.

The Reputation&Trust model follows eight critical dimensions of reputation, all of which have received a high rating at Fingrid. Source: T-Media.

“It is rare in this very critical target audience of technology experts, for all dimensions of reputation to receive a good rating. Fingrid’s visibility still has room for improvement, but among those who know about the company, Fingrid’s reputation is exceptionally strong,” says Harri Leinikka, CEO of T-Media.


Further information:

Tiina Miettinen, Senior Vice President, HR and Communications, tel. +358 30 395 5153

The T-Media stakeholder survey is a model based on the theory and statistics of business management. Fingrid commissions an annual survey for technology and trade professionals, the results of which are used as part of the company’s reputation management work.