8.6.2022 12:14
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Fingrid’s online magazine has been revamped

Fingrid’s online magazine has been revamped. The online magazine now has a new user interface that makes it easier to browse and find articles. The fresher appearance has brought the magazine up to date. Fingrid aims to make its online magazine clear and relevant for readers. The publication will take full advantage of the opportunities provided by the web, and it will be easy to supplement.

The main articles of relevance and the newest articles are shown in a carousel at the top of the page. The start page contains a lot of other articles, such as the three newest and three most-read articles. The infographic articles from the printed magazine now work better online.

The magazine’s categories and language selector are in the top-right corner of the online magazine. Previously, some of the online magazine’s categories overlapped, but we have reduced the number of categories. The categories with the largest numbers of articles will continue to be Main Grid and Electricity Market. The Main Grid topics will also cover general articles related to Fingrid and its employees. The Viewpoint category will contain all the blogs, editorials from Fingrid’s printed magazine, and columns. The Safety category will bring together occupational safety, corporate security and information security. The online magazine also has categories for the Environment and Partners. The latter covers articles containing interviews with our customers and other stakeholder representatives.

Fingridlehti.fi continues to use WordPress as a publishing platform. The magazine is made in partnership with communications agency Legendium Oy.

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Marjut Määttänen, Communications, Fingrid

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