6.7.2022 13:47
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Changes in the requirements of Frequency Containment Reserve provision from energy storage

The requirement on continuous full activation capability in the Frequency Containment Reserve for Disturbances (FCR-D) changes from the current 30 minutes to 20 minutes from 1.8.2022. In the Frequency Containment Reserve for Normal Operation (FCR-N) the requirement remains at 30 minutes, but stricter requirements are expected next year with the implementation of the new technical requirements.

The easing of the activation capability requirement is based on Fingrid’s proposal for the minimum activation period to be ensured by FCR providers. The Energy Authority approved the proposal on 8.10.2021. The proposal is a common Nordic proposal. The proposal states that the minimum activation period, that Balance Service Providers shall ensure in FCR-D, equals 15 minutes in the alert state of the power system. The alert state trigger time is 5 minutes, and hence the total time becomes 20 minutes.

The definition of limited activation capability changes as well. A reserve unit with a limited activation capability refers to a unit whose energy reservoir is smaller than the amount of energy equivalent to continuous full activation of two hours.

New technical requirements introduce changes to state of charge management and dimensioning of energy storage

New technical requirements will be introduced for Frequency Containment Reserves. They will define required state of charge management functions for energy storage. A part of the power capacity of the storage shall be reserved for these functions. The activation criteria for the energy management functions and the required energy and power are still under review. The activation capability requirement (required energy dimensioning) in FCR-N is expected to be higher than the 30 minutes that is currently applied in Finland. In FCR-D the requirement is 20 minutes also in the new requirements. The latest version of the requirements is available in the document “Technical Requirements for Frequency Containment Reserve Provision in the Nordic Synchronous Area”, section 3.5.

The implementation of the new requirements is planned to start in the Nordics in 2023. The implementation plan includes a transition period of 5 years. During this period reserve providing entities must start to comply with the new requirements latest when their earlier prequalification expires. Information about the new requirements and implementation is updated to a dedicated webpage.


The technical requirements and the prequalification process of FCR, valid from 1.8.2022

Technical Requirements for Frequency Containment Reserve Provision in the Nordic Synchronous Area

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