5.5.2021 13:14
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Fingrid ranked among the best in an international asset management study

Fingrid took second place in an international asset management study that assessed the tactical asset management of transmission system operators. The International Transmission Asset Management Study (ITAMS) has now been conducted six times, and Fingrid has ranked among the best TSOs every time. 

The ITAMS evaluates the operating models used by companies and how well and effectively they are applied to the company’s day-to-day operations. The study examined all of the aspects of Fingrid’s transmission capacity assurance process, including the operating models, processes, capabilities and information management.

The ITAMS focuses on the four key areas of tactical asset management: operations, process coverage, operational maturity, and information management.  

The following is an excerpt from the assessment: ”In general, can be concluded that Fingrid is an inspiring example of how to organize asset management. Especially leadership, the working culture and focus on supporting IT (e.g. applying IoT) makes them a frontrunner on asset management with a high performance on data analytics”.

Seven other transmission system operators were involved in the 2020 ITAMS in addition to Fingrid.

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