31.3.2021 10:56
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Fingrid Oyj’s Annual Report for 2020 has been published

Fingrid has published its 2020 Annual Report in both Finnish and English. 

Fingrid’s Annual Report for 2020 consists of six sub-reports: the Business Review, Report of the Board of Directors, consolidated Group and parent company’s financial statements and key figures for the reporting period 1 January–31 December 2020, the Corporate Governance Statement, the Remuneration Report, and the Corporate Responsibility and Sustainable Development Report. The Annual Report is available in Finnish on the company website at https://www.fingrid.fi/vuosikertomus, and in English at https://www.fingrid.fi/en/annualreport. The reports are available as separate reports, but the entire Annual Report can also be read as a single PDF document.

The financial statements will be published for the first time also as an XHTML file, in accordance with the European Single Electronic Format (ESEF) reporting requirements. The file is available at www.fingrid.fi.

“We selected a new reporting model for more clarity, aiming to better cater for different types of readers, including investors and industry professionals. At the same time, we wish to promote further openness and meet the increasing reporting requirements of listed companies. The Corporate Responsibility and Sustainable Development Report is now even more extensive and was a particular focus for us this year. In the future – from 2021 onward – our responsibility targets will be divided into environmental responsibility, social responsibility and good governance (the ESG model). For each material topic, short-term targets have been set that extend to 2025 and long-term targets extending all the way to 2035,” says Fingrid’s Chief Financial Officer Jan Montell.  

Further information: 

Jan Montell, Chief Financial Officer, Fingrid Oyj, tel. +358 30 395 5213

Marjaana Kivioja, Communications Manager, Fingrid Oyj, tel. +358 030 395 5267

Email in the format firstname.lastname(at)fingrid.fi

Fingrid draws up the Consolidated Financial Statements and the half-year report in accordance with the international IFRS reporting standards accepted by the European Union and in accordance with the Finnish Securities Market Act. The Consolidated Financial Statements include the parent company Fingrid Oyj and its wholly owned subsidiaries Finextra Oy and Fingrid Datahub Oy. The Group has a 25.0% holding in eSett Oy, which is recognised as an associated company. The company’s debt issues have been listed on the London and Dublin stock exchanges. The Report of the Board of Directors and the financial statements of the Group’s parent company and its subsidiaries are prepared in accordance with the Finnish Accounting Act and the guidelines and statements of the Finnish Accounting Board.