11.6.2021 09:34
Current News

Fingrid is again the Most Responsible Employer of the year!

Fingrid has been selected as the Most Responsible Employer of 2021. Our responsibility index was a staggering 4.25, which was the best result for employers in the large companies’ category. The Most Responsible Employer of the year was announced at the closing webinar of Oikotie's Great working-life responsibility survey on 27 May.

Fingrid received the Most Responsible Employer of the year award for the second time, as we ranked first also last year. The survey carried out during the spring examined the image of the employer's responsibility in six different topics: non-discrimination, flexibility and working-life balance, investing in managerial work, content and relevance of work, pay and remuneration, and applicant experience. The survey included a total of 35 organisations of different sizes from various industries and a total of 6,058 respondents.

At Fingrid, responsibility is an integral part of the working day - after all, our basic task itself is responsible. We are responsible for ensuring that Finns have access to electricity at all times. A reliable main grid is a basic prerequisite for society. We also play an important role in building a platform for a clean electricity system as Finland aims for climate neutrality by 2035.

In addition to our responsible basic task, Fingrid, as an employer, has for years invested resolutely in the well-being and development opportunities of personnel, bold managerial work, and an open, communal and efficient work community. The results of long-term and determined work are also reflected in the responses to the Responsible Employer survey, which highlighted e.g. the relevance of work, good applicant experience, impartiality and equal treatment, and encouragement of work-life balance. According to the study, almost all of the Fingrid employees who responded to the survey would also recommend Fingrid as a workplace to their acquaintances and relatives.

At Fingrid, everyone is the CEO of their own work, according to which everyone has the freedom and responsibility to do their work in the best possible way, taking into account, however, that others also have the opportunity to do their work well. Responsibility is reflected in the daily life of every Fingrid employee.

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