4.3.2021 14:51
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Fingrid extends intraday trading pilot by a year

Fingrid has decided to extend the intraday trading pilot by another year. The pilot has enabled intraday trading up until the delivery hour within Finland  Over the course of the last year the Intraday Gate Closure Zero (IDGCT-0) pilot, organised in collaboration with the power exchanges operating in the Finnish power market, has drawn positive feedback from market participants. They have clearly welcomed the added trading flexibility offered by the shortened intraday gate closure time.

Extending the pilot by another year will enable Fingrid to further assess the impact of close-to-real-time intraday trading in light of upcoming changes to the imbalance settlement scheme scheduled for later in the year. It should be noted that the IDGCT-0 pilot continues to be exclusive to intra-zonal trading, meaning that the intraday gate closure times on the Finnish-Swedish and Finnish-Estonian borders remain at 60 and 30 minutes respectively.  

Further information:

Ali Haider, Fingrid, ali.haider(at)fingrid.fi

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