4.1.2022 14:38
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Datahub dress rehearsal completed successfully – Go-Live is approaching

The dress rehearsal for the Go-Live of Datahub, the centralised information exchange system for the electricity retail market, was executed successfully and in close cooperation with market parties in late November and early December. The dress rehearsal showed that Datahub and market parties are ready for the Go-Live on 21 February 2022.

The dress rehearsal was a continuation of the trial production runs carried out in the autumn. The aim of the rehearsal was to ensure that operators in the sector are ready for the Datahub Go-Live and prepared to transfer their processes to Datahub without any severe disruptions. In practice, one goal of the rehearsal was to ensure the continuity of businesses in the sector by simulating a sufficient number of production transactions. Distribution system operators transferred full-scale metering data to Datahub via the B2B interface within the time limits, and electricity retailers retrieved the metering data brokered by Datahub from their own message queues either directly or via a metering data retrieval message.

The targets set for the dress rehearsal were achieved, and the Datahub processes worked well. Only a few new functional errors were identified during the rehearsal, and there was a rapid recovery from the observed disruptions.

Operators in the sector were actively involved in the rehearsal. During the dress rehearsal, Datahub’s support service received approximately 600 service requests, which received rapid responses. One area for development in the rehearsal was the clarification of the communication channels between Datahub and market parties.

“Based on the feedback we received from market parties, the dress rehearsal was an overall success, and we can proceed confidently towards the Datahub Go-Live in February 2022,” says Pasi Aho, CEO of Fingrid Datahub.

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Pasi Aho, Director, Fingrid Datahub Oy