25.10.2021 10:12
Current News, Electricity Market

Data publication from the Go-live of Single Price

The go-live of single price and single balance will bring changes to the data publication of imbalance prices and partly imbalance volumes on the ENTSO-E Transparency Platform. From 1 November 2021, Imbalance prices according to article 17.1.G of the Transparency Regulation will be published under Area/IPA (where IPA is short for Imbalance price area) instead of Market Balancing area (MBA). Total Imbalance volumes according to article 17.1.H of the Transparency Regulation will be published under Area/IBA (where IBA is short for Imbalance Area) instead of MBA for Denmark, Finland and Norway. Sweden will still publish imbalance volumes under MBA.

The Incentivising Component (IC) together with the Value of Avoided Activation (VoAA) will be published at eSett public data and Fingrid open data for all the Nordic countries. The VoAA and IC are used for calculation of Imbalance prices in ISPs with no dominating direction in the Nordics except for in Norway.

The incentivising component (IC) is also planned to be published on the Transparency platform at a later point in time.

For more information on local changes, please contact:

Erica Arberg, Energinet

Mikael Brask, Svenska kraftnät

Cecilie Seem, Statnett

Jani Piipponen, Fingrid


Example pictures illustrating the changes to data publication on Transparency Platform