30.1.2020 14:55
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Notice of service to be used to provide unavailability information by 28 February

A new, alternative way for electricity market operators to report unavailability information as regards electricity production and transmission capacity has been launched. The Nordic Unavailability Collection System (NUCS) is provided by Nordic transmission system operators and the service is free of charge. Market operators are requested to inform Fingrid by 28 February 2020 about which channel they will be using in the future to report unavailability information.

European legislation now allows for competition between power exchanges. In this new competitive situation, it must also be possible to provide the information required by the EU Transparency Regulation through a channel that is independent of power exchanges. As a result, a new system has been created for collecting unavailability information: the Nordic Unavailability Collection System, or NUCS. Transmission system operators must forward the information to ENTSO-E for publication.

According to the EU Transparency Regulation, market operators must submit information on restrictions in production, consumption and transmission capacity, as well as other inside information, to transmission system operators. For the moment, Nordic market operators have been using the UMM system maintained by Nord Pool for this purpose. It will continue to be available in the future as well. NUCS serves as an alternate way to report unavailability information.   

Services offered by the NUCS system

NUCS offers the following services to market operators:

  • Information on outages in production and consumption capacity amounting to more than 100 MW must be provided to ENTSO-E through NUCS or the power exchange service.
  • Information on outages amounting to less than 100 MW may be provided to NUCS if desired and will be published in ENTSO-E’s service.
  • The information can be submitted to NUCS either manually via the web interface or via the so-called API interface directly from the operator’s own systems.
  • Inside information other than outages can be published in NUCS in text form, but this information is not provided to ENTSO-E.
  • NUCS publishes all information submitted to it, and this information is also available through technical interfaces (ECP and web feed).
  • From NUCS, the information can be provided to ACER’s ARIS system to meet the REMIT obligations if the market operator so wishes.
  • The options are that either the operator uses NUCS on its own or a party authorised by the operator uses NUCS to report outages.

ENTSO-E will continue to publish all unavailability information required by law.

Notice from market operators by 28 February

All market operators subject to the obligation to report unavailability information under the Transparency Regulation are requested to complete the form below by 28 February: https://www.svk.se/en/registration-on-submission-of-data.

If an operator declares on the form that it is opting for NUCS, the operator should agree with Fingrid on when it will switch to using NUCS. The choice may be changed later by notifying Fingrid.

It is still possible to use Nord Pool’s publishing service. 

Other service providers may also be available in the future. The services must be approved by Fingrid and tested with ENTSO-E.

Background information about NUCS 

NUCS is free of charge for market parties and other users. The system is available at www.nucs.net. The system provider of NUCS is Unicorn Systems A.S.

Additional information:

NUCS system and registration: nucs@fingrid.fi

Pentti Säynätjoki, Fingrid, pentti.saynatjoki@fingrid.fi, tel.: +358 30 395 5275


EU Transparency Regulation (Reg EU 543/2013)

Previous bulletin on the introduction of NUCS: https://www.fingrid.fi/en/pages/news/news/2019/nordic-transmission-system-operators-to-start-providing-unavailability-information-in-the-nucs-service//