15.6.2020 12:15
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Local flexibility projects in the Nordics

The four Nordic TSOs has published a report providing an overview of projects regarding local flexibility.

The report “Local flexibility projects in the Nordics – Experiences on R&D, pilot projects and local DSO-TSO cooperation” provide an insight in how different solutions work in different contexts in the Nordic countries. Especially giving best practices for establishing TSO-DSO cooperation and possibilities to complement grid reinforcements with flexibility solutions.

The report from the transmission system operators (TSOs) of Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark contains a collective reporting of how to unlock local flexibility. The elementary challenges are alike across the Nordics but the projects are developed to work with the existing national solutions. However, knowledge sharing is highly prioritized and harmonized future solutions can coexist and support efficient trade with electricity across the Nordics.

This report is a result of the Nordic TSOs' cooperation and provides an overview of 12 projects in the Nordics on local flexibility including TSO DSO projects related to developing new solutions for a decarbonised system.

Please find the report here.

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Jukka Rinta-Luoma, Fingrid