21.10.2020 15:29
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Fingrid chooses VEO Oy to build large wind power connection station in Haapajärvi

Fingrid and VEO have signed a contract to build a new transformer substation in Haapajärvi. It will be the largest in the Finnish main grid to date. The transformer substation, called Pysäysperä, connects a significant amount of wind power to the national grid and provides a strong foundation for the development of the distribution network and wind power production in the area. Wind farms that will generate thousands of megawatts are already being developed within the vicinity of the station.

Signed on Monday, 19 October, the value of the contract is approximately EUR 14.5 million. The construction work is scheduled to be completed in autumn 2022. The value of the entire investment package is close to EUR 30 million.

“It’s wonderful to see that the determined work we have done at VEO in co-operation with Fingrid has enabled us to be involved in building this grid hub together with them. Our goal, naturally, is to continue developing our own operations, so that as time goes on we will be closely involved in futureproofing the power grid. This project is creating brilliant prerequisites for this,” says Fredrik Grankull, Head of VEO’s Substation Unit.

The transformer substation will be built in connection with the new and important Forest Line electricity transmission connection. The transformer substation will help Finland on its road towards carbon neutrality.

It’s really great to be a project manager in a project like this and to be part of ensuring that Finland reaches its climate goals!” says Petri Hämäläinen, Project Manager at Fingrid.

Additional information:

Daniel Kuosa, Construction Manager, Substations
tel. +358 30 3955145

Petri Hämäläinen, Project Manager
tel. +358 30 3955246

email address format: firstname.lastname@fingrid.fi



Pysäysperä transformer substation

Fingrid’s largest one-off investment in a transformer substation

four 400 kV fields
four 110 kV fields
two 400 MWA main transformers
two reactors