30.4.2019 13:00
International News, Electricity Market

Nordic TSOs consult on possible solutions for future short-term markets

Nordic TSOs have launched a public consultation on possible developments for future short-term markets as a response to foreseen changes in the power system. Public consultation closes on 1 July 2019

To initiate an early dialogue with all stakeholders the Nordic TSOs have developed the discussion paper (attached) that explores possible market based solutions for future short-term markets. The discussion paper does not contain firm positions or decided actions in terms of long-term development, but rather discussions on possible changes of the markets that could be relevant as a response to foreseen changes in the power system.

Nordic TSOs’ view is that the involvement of all stakeholders is vital for setting the vision for future developments and then implementing the vision. By publishing the discussion paper for consultation with stakeholders, the Nordic TSOs both hope to stimulate a broader discussion among stakeholders and receive valuable input for the further thinking on future short-term markets amongst the TSOs.

Replies to the public consultation shall be sent preferably in English to ShortTermMarketsConsultation[at]fingrid.fi by 1 July 2019.

Further information:

Ritva Hirvonen, Fingrid, Ritva.Hirvonen[at]fingrid.fi, +358 30 395 4182 

Karri Mäkelä, Fingrid, Karri.Makela[at]fingrid.fi, +358 40 732 0860