27.6.2019 10:44
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Finland has third lowest transmission tariffs in Europe

According to the most recent study of the European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity (ENTSO-e), the transmission tariffs for electricity in the Finnish transmission system are the third lowest in Europe. The comparison included 36 countries. Among the countries where transmission system operators provide services at all high-voltage levels, the three countries with the most advantageous pricing were Slovenia, Bulgaria and Finland.

Fingrid aims to remain among the leading countries in terms of cost-efficiency in the European scale and among the companies charging the lowest transmission tariffs in Europe. Fingrid has reached these results by long-term development of the main grid and by ensuring cost-efficiency of operations and continuous improvement of productivity. The company has repeatedly ranked among the best in international comparisons measuring operational efficiency. This has enabled the company to keep the pricing of services at an advantageous level. In addition to affordable pricing, the company has succeeded in securing reliable and disturbance-free supply of electricity to its customers.

Contributing factors to the company being able to lower its transmission tariffs on average by eight per cent from the beginning of 2019 included stabilising the company's investment programme at a lower level than earlier and successful measures taken by the company to improve its cost-efficiency. 

“Fingrid has gained wide international acclaim for its efficiency rates and reached excellent rankings in various efficiency-based comparisons between transmission system operators already earlier. The third place we reached this time is a proof of the long-term work we have been doing for the development of the Finnish transmission system. Cost-efficient operations allow us to keep our transmission tariffs at a reasonable level in the future as well,” says Jussi Jyrinsalo, SVP from Fingrid.

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Jussi Jyrinsalo, Senior Vice President, Transmission System Services and Grid Planning, tel. +359 30 395 5118 or firstname.lastname@fingrid.fi

Comparison of transmission tariffs in the study by ENTSO-E: