27.6.2019 12:46
Power System

Fingrid to publish the inertia of the Nordic power system

Fingrid has begun to publish the real-time value of the inertia of the Nordic power system in co-operation with the Nordic transmission system operators. The newly created dataset can be retrieved via Fingrid’s Open data -platform and browsed on Fingrid’s website.

Inertia is the ability of a power system to oppose changes in frequency due to resistance provided by the kinetic energy of rotating masses connected to the system. For example, during times of low inertia, large sudden power imbalance due to a sudden disconnection of a large production unit causes large instantaneous frequency deviation. Whereas during times of high inertia, the instantaneous frequency deviation is small.

Currently, the Nordic transmission system operators may need to perform remedial actions like limit the largest possible power imbalance caused by a single fault by limiting the production of the largest nuclear power units. This is done to prevent the instantaneous frequency deviation from becoming too large. In the future, low inertia situations are expected to occur more often therefore increasing the significance of inertia. In order to avoid limiting power production and import in the future, Nordic transmission system operators are in the process of implementing a new fast reserve product, fast frequency reserve (FFR), for handling low inertia situations. The goal is to have fast frequency reserve in place by summer 2020.

Browse the dataset and read more about the dataset here

Retrieve the dataset on Fingrid’s Open data -platform

The already published data will be later complemented with historical values as of April 2015.

Further information:

Mikko Kuivaniemi, mikko.kuivaniemi[at]fingrid.fi, tel. +358 30 395 5188

Minna Laasonen, minna.laasonen[at]fingrid.fi, tel. +358 30 395 5132