Consumption and production in Finland

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Production information and import/export are based on the real-time measurements in Fingrid's operation control system. Total consumption in Finland is calculated based on production and import/export.

Sign convention: import -, export +

The production type division of production measured in real time is based on the main production type, so the figures are indicative. The production type-based division follows the power plant register maintained by the Energy Authority.

The unmeasured part of the production is estimated and is included in other production (estimate). The production of Fingrid's plants used as fast disturbance reserve is also included in other production. Wind power indicates the total figure for plants that supply Fingrid with real-time measurements, supplemented with estimations on other wind power production. Real-time measurements cover most of Finnish wind power production and their portion of the total is increasing all the time.

Cogeneration means power plants that produce both electricity and district heating or process steam (combined heat and power, CHP). Condensing power stands for power plants generating primarily electricity, excluding nuclear power. Condensing power is included in other production since 13.9.2017.

Peak load power refers to capacity that is involved in the peak load reserve arrangement.