13.5.2024 10:31
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Fingrid explored preliminary possibilities to connect offshore wind power to main grid

Fingrid has preliminary identified five areas along the west coast where large offshore wind parks could be connected to the mainland Finland’s transmission grid by the 2030s. These connections would require significant investments in the grid. The identified areas are Ulvila, Närpiö, Vaasa, Raahe, and Raisio. Additionally, the Inkoo area has been identified as a potential connection area if offshore wind power development becomes feasible in Finland’s southern sea areas. Fingrid is seeking feedback from stakeholders on this study and their perspectives on defining more precise connection points until June 23.

Several gigawatt-scale offshore wind projects are planned for Finland’s sea areas. Fingrid has received inquiries regarding connections for up to 95 gigawatts of offshore wind power. In the autumn of 2023, Fingrid initiated a study on offshore wind power connection possibilities to its grid in the 2030s. The study differs from Fingrid’s baseline scenario with the assumption that investments in wind power will focus on the offshore at the transition from the 2020s to the 2030s due to factors such as economic viability and acceptability. It is anticipated that Finland’s electricity consumption will approximately double from current levels by 2035, especially driven by industrial growth. The total installed capacity of offshore wind power is expected to reach 6.5 GW by the end of the 2030s, corresponding to slightly over 30 TWh of annual production.

Fingrid has preliminarily identified five areas where large offshore wind farms could be connected to the mainland Finland’s transmission grid: Ulvila, Närpiö, Vaasa, Raahe, and Raisio. Additionally, the Inkoo area is considered a potential connection area if offshore wind power development becomes feasible in the southern sea areas of Finland. In the 2030s, it may also be possible to implement more offshore wind power connections than indicated and in areas other than those identified if the growth in electricity consumption is greater than assumed in the study or new consumption facilities are located closer to offshore wind power connections.


Picture: Preliminary connection possibilities for offshore wind in Finland in the 2030s. 

To implement these gigawatt-scale offshore wind power connections, additional investments of approximately EUR 0.6 billion are needed beyond the EUR 4 billion investment programme described in Fingrid’s main grid development plan in 2023. These necessary investments would be located in Central Ostrobothnia, Southwest Finland, and Uusimaa, covering approximately 1000 km of new and reinforced 400 kV power lines. If offshore wind power development also becomes viable in Finland’s southern sea areas, connecting it to the grid would reduce the need for grid reinforcements instead of causing them.

Feedback on the study will be received through a consultation until June 23. More precise connection points will be defined based on stakeholder feedback and Fingrid’s internal detailed studies in the autumn of 2024. Connection points will be reserved for individual customer projects as their development progresses. You are welcome to join our stakeholder event (in Finnish) on May 22 to discuss offshore wind power network connections.

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