Fingrid calls for electricity flexibility in very cold weather

The prolonged period of very severe frost across Finland continues to challenge the adequacy of electricity output. Fingrid expects the prolonged period of freezing temperatures to keep electricity consumption high throughout the rest of the week. Yesterday, Wednesday, electricity consumption briefly exceeded 15 000 MW, with a peak hourly average of 14 993 MW at 19-20. 

"The electricity system continues to operate normally and there is sufficient power capacity, but today and for the rest of the week it is very important that all electricity users participate in the consumption flexibility as much as possible by scheduling their electricity use away from the morning and evening peak hours. Challenging times include 8-10am and 5-10pm today," says Tuomas Rauhala, Director at Fingrid.

Over the past 24 hours, there have been challenges in the availability of individual power plants. This further underlines the importance of power plants and consumption flexibility. Wind power generation is still higher than the estimated low-wind situation, forecast to be between 1000 and 2000 MW today. Reliable operation of cross-border electricity interconnections and generation plants is a prerequisite for maintaining a high level of electricity sufficiency.

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