Energy Authority issues decision on TVO’s investigation request: Disagreements remain over grid load limitation at Olkiluoto 3

Yesterday, the Energy Authority issued a decision on a request by Teollisuuden Voima (TVO) for an investigation into Fingrid’s actions. The authority’s decision largely aligns with Fingrid’s views. However, the Energy Authority disagrees with Fingrid on the responsibilities for grid load limitation at Olkiluoto 3.  

The Energy Authority’s decision states that Fingrid fulfilled its development, connection and transmission obligations as the operator responsible for the electricity system in accordance with the Electricity Market Act. The Energy Authority also found the 1,300 MW power limit specified in Fingrid’s connection terms justified and did not find Fingrid to have restricted Olkiluoto 3’s access to the grid. In these regards, the Energy Authority’s decision aligns with Fingrid’s views.

However, Fingrid does not accept the Energy Authority’s decision on matters related to the responsibility for grid load limitation.  Grid load limitation is a solution agreed upon specifically for the needs of Olkiluoto 3, so Fingrid believes that TVO should bear the main liability for its costs.

Fingrid is responsible for ensuring the security of the power system. Electricity producers connecting to the grid are responsible for adapting their plants to the grid and the associated costs. 

“It is important for us that all customers connecting to the main grid are treated equally, the connection terms are transparent, and decision-making is predictable and consistent. The interests of a single market party cannot override these values. We do not approve of TVO’s attempts to make others bear the costs of grid load limitation, which was specifically agreed upon for the needs of Olkiluoto 3 alone. In practice, this would lead to tens of millions of euros in additional annual costs throughout the plant’s service life,” says Jussi Jyrinsalo, Senior Vice President. 

Fingrid will appeal the Energy Authority’s decision at the Market Court. 


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