15.12.2023 11:02
Current News

Ukraine’s Transmission System Operator joins ENTSO-E as a full member

ENTSO-E, the European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity has welcomed NPC Ukrenergo, the Transmission System Operator (TSO) in Ukraine, as the 40th member of the association as of 1 January 2024. Ukrenergo was already an observer member of the association and yesterday the ENTSO-E Assembly approved Ukrenergo’s application to become a full member.

Following last year’s emergency synchronisation of Ukraine and Moldova with the Continental Europe power system Ukrenergo has consistently demonstrated its ability to operate and maintain Ukraine’s transmission power system stability in challenging circumstances. In November 2023, ENTSO-E announced the successful completion of the synchronisation project with Ukraine after the compliance by Ukrenergo with the key technical requirements necessary to enable a permanent interconnection between the power systems of Continental Europe and Ukraine.

For more information on Ukrenergo’s accession please visit ENTSO-E’s homepage.