19.12.2023 12:42
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Guidelines for weather dependent energy producers to join reserve market

The share of renewable energy in power generation continues to grow, and we want to encourage weather-dependent energy producers to participate in reserve markets. As part of this initiative, we have prepared a guidance document that specifies the participation of weather-dependent production in automatic reserve products.

Joining automatic reserve markets opens new business opportunities for weather-dependent energy producers, playing a crucial role in the green transition. Our supplementary guide outlines how different products' requirements can be applied to wind and solar power or other weather-dependent energy production. The guide specifies requirements for baseline power, calculation of available active power, and  the maintained reserve. The guide has been prepared as part of the Wind power to the reserve markets -pilot.

A webinar on this topic will be held, with the date to be announced later. The event will provide detailed insights into the opportunities for wind and solar power in reserve markets and how weather-dependent production can join reserve markets.

More information:

Pia Ruokolainen, Fingrid Oyj (Guideline document)
Niko Korhonen, Fingrid Oyj (Wind power to the reserve markets -pilot)
Email addresses are in the form firstname.lastname@fingrid.fi

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