25.8.2023 14:24
Current News, Electricity Market

Change in the handling of transmission capacity between Finland and Norway from early 2024

The ACER decision to include Norwegian bidding zone borders to the Nordic capacity calculation region (Nordic CCR) and the upcoming introduction of the flow-based capacity calculation methodology leads to a need for altering the capacity management principles for the 220 kV interconnection between Norway and Finland.

From the Go-Live date of the Nordic flow-based capacity calculation the Finnish-Norwegian bidding zone border will be part of the European day-ahead market coupling. This is currently estimated to Q1 2024. After this the FI-SE1 border is no longer affected by the flow on the NO4-FI border.

We would like to highlight that the adjustment will not alter the bidding zone border between Norway and Finland. The bidding zone border consists of the 220 kV AC line from Varangerbotn in Norway to Ivalo in Finland. The trading capacity is expected to be in the range of +/- 100 MW.

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