11.11.2022 14:05
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Voluntary support for power system aims to prevent electricity shortages

Fingrid is introducing a new voluntary power system support procedure for companies and the public sector to prevent electricity shortages. The objective is to harness the full flexibility potential in the event of an possible electricity shortage so that consumers do not need to endure rolling power cuts. The procedure is intended to cover applications such as industrial demand-side management and on-site reserve power generators. We will hold a webinar on this topic on 17 November in Finnish. 

Finnish companies and public-sector actors have shown an interest in supporting the power system in the event of possible electricity shortages this winter. Accordingly, Fingrid has developed a new voluntary power system support procedure with the aim of tapping the potential flexibility available outside the balancing power market to avoid power cuts.

“In the best-case scenario, voluntary flexibility could stop the situation from developing into a nationwide electricity shortage. Organizations can get involved and play a part in supporting the power system and Finnish society through this challenging period,” says Laura Ihamäki, Specialist at Fingrid.

Support will be activated when there is a high risk of an electricity shortage

The power system support procedure will be activated when Fingrid’s three-step electricity shortage scale reaches “High risk of electricity shortage”. There is considered to be a high risk of an electricity shortage when all the up-regulation bids available in the Finnish balancing power market are in use and no more electricity can be imported from neighbouring countries. In such a case, the power system support procedure will be used alongside Fingrid’s reserve power plants to safeguard the adequacy of electricity.


Illustration of the operating principle of the power system support procedure.

Fingrid’s messaging system sends support requests by text message to the sites that have registered for the procedure. Fingrid sends also a text message when support is no longer needed.

Webinar on the topic on 17 November

The power system support procedure will be introduced in December 2022. Any organization can participate in the procedure as long as they have at least one megawatt of potential flexibility that can be activated with one hour’s notice. This procedure is a temporary solution. Fingrid hopes that flexibility will be available primarily from the balancing power market in the future.

If you are interested in becoming involved in the power system support procedure, please contact Fingrid at sahkojarjestelmantuki@fingrid.fi. We will provide more information on this topic at a webinar on 17 November 2022, 10 am–11 am in Finnish.

Further information:

Laura Ihamäki, tel. +358 30 395 5166, Tuomas Mattila, tel. +358 30 395 4180

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