26.4.2022 16:53
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The second webinar on the Long Term Transmission Rights 5th May at 14.30-16 EET

 In June 2021, pursuant to Commission Regulation (EU) 2016/1719 of 26 September 2016 establishing a guideline on forward capacity allocation (FCA Regulation)  the National Regulatory Authorities (NRAs) of Finland Energiavirasto and Estonian Konkurentsiamet taking into account Article 30 of the FCA Regulation, agreed as a coordinated decision on cross-zonal risk hedging opportunities of the FI-EE bidding zone border and requested the respective TSOs Fingrid and Elering to issue LTTRs.

This webinar is second in series as part of the TSOs FI-EE border LTTRs implementation project prioritizing future market development hand-in-hand with Finland and Estonia electricity market stakeholders. This webinar is a part of the public consultation process (ongoing from April 13th of till May 13th) and is dedicated to discuss in more detail the following documents:

  1. Baltic TSOs proposal for regional specific annex to the harmonised allocation rules for long-term transmission rights (FCA GL Article 52), (Public consultation link >)
  2. Baltic TSOs amendment proposal for regional design of long- term transmission rights in accordance (FCA GL Article 31), (Public consultation link >)

Agenda will be sent closer to the webinar date.

The webinar will be organized in English and is open event (you may share the event link). Please note that in Microsoft Teams, your name, organisation and e-mail address will be visible to other participants. Please also note that participants’ e-mail list will be shared among the TSOs. The webinar will be recorded.

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More information:

Marja Eronen, Fingrid, email addresses: forename.surname@fingrid.fi