19.12.2022 14:01
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Procurement of FCR-D downwards increases from January 1st 2023

Fingrid increases the procured volume of the Frequency Containment Reserve for Disturbances Downwards (FCR-D downwards) to 170 MW starting from January 1st 2023. At present the volume is 120 MW. The procured volume will be evaluated again for the second quarter of 2023.

FCR-D downwards was implemented in the Nordics in the beginning of 2022. The needed volume in the Nordics is maximum 1 400 MW, of which Fingrid’s share is approximately 280 MW. The market-based procurement will be increased gradually.

More information:

Pia Ruokolainen, Fingrid, tel. +358 30 395 5105, e-mail addresses: firstname.lastname@fingrid.fi

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