25.3.2022 13:36
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Nordic TSOs support the Baltic region if needed

The CEOs of Nordic Transmission System Operators (TSOs) Energinet, Fingrid, Statnett and Svenska kraftnät discussed on Thursday preparations and routines in the event of an escalating situation in the Baltic region and consequences for the Baltic Power System.

The Nordic and Baltic system operators have together secured routines and identified eventual ambiguities in a scenario where the Baltics are disconnected from the Russian grid and forced to operate in an island mode. In such a scenario, frequency support from the Nordic system will be needed. The Baltic TSOs have restricted the import from Russia in order not to risk a serious situation in the event of a sudden disconnection from the Russian system.

TSOs are well prepared and have earlier practiced and evaluated such a scenario as part of the long-planned preparations to synchronize the Baltics with the Central European synchronous electricity system in 2025.

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Jukka Ruusunen, CEO, Fingrid Oyj, jukka.ruusunen[at]fingrid.fi