23.1.2021 17:43

Disturbance on Fenno-Skan 1 interconnection on 23rd January

Disturbance occured on 400 megawatt Fenno-Skan 1 interconnection between Sweden and Finland on 23rd January at 16:32. The disturbance didn't affect the security of supply. The investigation of the disturbance has started.

Update 25th January 8:45 (am): Fault located and reparations and testing ongoing.

Update 27th January 4:45 (pm). Fault has been repaired and  Fenno-Skan 1 is in commercial operation. Its capacity is avalable on intra-day market until 29th January 01:00 (am) and after that on day-ahead market.

Additional information:

Timo Kaukonen, manager, phone. +358 40 545 2124 or

Minna Laasonen, senior expert, phone +358 40 560 5293