30.3.2020 11:38
Current News, Electricity Market

The Finnish-Russian cross-border tariff level will be increased

Fingrid increases the 400 kilovolt cross-border tariff level on the Russian border from 1.5.2020 on. The new coefficient for off-peak hours is 0,35.

The reason behind the tariff increase is adjusting the tariff income to the costs caused by the cross-border trade during the regulation period.

A dynamic cross-border transmission service fee is used to cross-border electricity trade between Finland and Russia. The dynamic fee is based on the price difference between the Finnish area price and the regional price in North-West Russia. The dynamic fee becomes smaller as the price difference decreases and larger when the price difference increases.

More information:

Jyri Virolainen, Fingrid, jyri.virolainen[at]fignrid.fi