27.2.2020 14:59
Current News, Power System

Stakeholder consultation on the results of the CBA regarding the time period required for FCR with limited energy reservoirs

In accordance with System Operation Guideline, all TSOs of Continental Europe and Nordic have conducted a cost-benefit analysis on the time period required for FCR (Frequency Containment Reserve) providing units or groups with limited energy reservoir to remain available during alert state of the power system.

The regulatory authorities have previously approved the assumptions and methodology for the CBA. ENTSO-E is now consulting a report on the results of the CBA. The report presents the approved methodology, the results of the CBA and details the pros and cons of all possible options of minimum activation time period for both Continental Europe and Nordic synchronous areas.

The consultation is open on ENTSO-E's website (https://consultations.entsoe.eu/system-development/stakeholder-consultation-on-cba-article-156-11/) 27.2.-27.3.2020.

Further information:

Pia Ruokolainen, Fingrid, tel. +358 303 955 105