20.7.2020 11:00
Current News, Electricity Market

Independent aggregator pilot in the balancing energy market to start 21.7.2020

The goal of the expansion of the independent aggregator pilot is to test the scalability of the earlier developed solutions and to make it easier to aggregate flexible capacities to balancing energy market to maintain balance the power system efficiently. Independent aggregator pilot has received regulatory approval and starts on Tuesday 21.7.2020. 


Independent aggregator pilot will be open to all interested balancing market participants. In the pilot the offering of balancing bids with aggregation of flexible resources from balance of another balance responsible party will be tested. Participation requires balance responsibility and signing the pilot agreement. Fingrid will separately inform the piloting party when the submission of bids will be possible. Fingrid reserves the right to suspend the pilot in the unlikely case that the pilot has a negative impact on system security. Interested piloting partners are asked to contact the pilot's contact persons (below).


The piloting period starts on 21.7.2020 and continues until 30.4.2021.



Additional information:

Otso-Ville Rinne, System Operation Development, tel. +358 30 395 4142

Taneli Leiskamo, Market Innovation, tel. +358 30 395 5240