16.9.2020 14:17
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Fingrid Magazine 2/2020: Building climate neutral Finland

Fingrid Magazine 2/2020 has been published. The theme of this issue is building society.

Fingrid is currently building transmission lines on the main grid on dozens of sites. The main grid needs to expand and develop to meet the needs of the future as society becomes increasingly dependent on electricity. For example the Forest Line running in central Finland will  for its part ensure that Finland remains a single pricing area. The Lake Line running in west coast will double its transmission capacity. Also substations are being modernised and built at record pace.

Read also about:

  • The coronavirus crisis: Cooperation is especially important in the event of a disturbance
  • The design of the main grid
  • Artificial intelligence partners and flexible markets: Research and development has its sights set on the future
  • And many more
  • Safety on the LInes Magazine is attached


Fingrid Magazine 2/2020 (pdf) >

Safety on the Lines magazine 2/2020 (pdf)

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More information:

Fingrid Magazine: Marjut Määttänen, Communications, Fingrid, marjut.maattanen(at)fingrid.fi

Safety on the Lines: Karri Koskinen, Fingrid, karri.koskinen[at]fingrid.fi