7.9.2020 11:53
Current News, Power System

Fingrid has published draft on network vision scenarios

Fingrid has begun working on network vision with the aims of gaining insight into the development needs on the main power transmission grid and creating proposals for long-term solutions. As a first step in this work, Fingrid presents four different scenarios for the target years 2035 and 2045. These four scenarios shall work as a basis for future network vision work.

The scenario descriptions can be found behind this link. Fingrid welcomes stakeholders interested in the work to give feedback on the presented scenarios. The feedback can be given until 11.9. by e-mailing your comments to: strateginen.verkkosuunnittelu@fingrid.fi.

Besides the open feedback, we would like to hear Stakeholders’ view on following questions:

  • Are the scenario descriptions realistic enough? And do they present enough diversity?
  • Are scenarios missing some essential pathway, that should be considered in main grid planning?
  • Is some specific technology emphasized too heavily, or on the other hand, is not given enough attention?

Fingrid will review the scenarios on the basis of stakeholder feedback. The final network vision report considering the main grid development needs and solutions will be published during winter 2020/21. 

More information:
Manager, Strategic grid planning, Mikko Heikkilä, mikko.heikkila@fingrid.fi, +358 40 637 4720