14.10.2019 14:03
Electricity Market

Minimum bid size of 1 MW will be applied in balancing energy market from 18 October

A pilot for a smaller bid size in balancing energy market will begin 18 October 2019. The goal of the pilot is to ease entry to the balancing energy market and the transition towards the European balancing markets.

Each balancing service provider may place one bid that is smaller than 5 MW to the balancing energy market per operational hour. During the pilot minimum bid size is 1 MW. A condition for participation is that the balancing service provider has electronic activation of balancing energy bids available. The pilot period will begin 18 October 2019 and last at least until 30 April 2020. If pilot experiences are positive, and there is no negative effect on the operation of the Nordic power system, the aim is to take the 1 MW minimum bid size as a permanent practice. We will inform more about the pilot in spring.

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