10.1.2019 12:22
Stock Exchange Releases

Dual listing of debt issues and debt issuance programme to the Irish Stock Exchange

Fingrid has concluded an evaluation regarding dual listing of its debt issues and debt issuance programme. Based on the evaluation Fingrid listed on 9th January 2019 its EUR 1.5 billion Medium Term Note Programme to the Irish Stock Exchange in addition to London Stock Exchange. In addition Fingrid's debt issues listed at the London Stock Exchange were also dual listed to the Irish Stock Exchange. Dual listing enables trading of debt issues and new debt issue listings in these two stock exchanges.

For more information:
Jan Montell, Chief Financial Officer
+358 30 395 5213 or +358 40 592 4419

Jussi Pohjanpalo, Group Treasurer
+358 30 395 5176 or +358 50 344 8534