9.11.2018 08:07

Fault repair is on-going at EstLink 1 Espoo HVDC-converter station

EstLink 1 HVDC-system between Finland and Estonia tripped from the power system on Sunday evening 4th November at 19:54 o’clock. The trip was due to failure of an AC phase reactor at Espoo converter station. Based on the inspections and measurements performed, the phase reactor and other converter station components shall be replaced.

Based on the present estimation, EstLink 1 will be back in operation starting Saturday 17th November.

Further information
Jonne Jäppinen, Fingrid Oyj, p. +358 30 395 4225

Update 14.11.2018, 12:49
Based on the further clarifications which are performed in parallel with the repair work, the extent and the schedule of remaining work have become more specific. Based on present estimation EstLink 1 will be back in operation on 27th November.


Update 28.11.2018
Fault repair has been completed on EstLink 1 and the system is back in operation on Friday 26.11.2018 15:45 (CET).