20.6.2017 14:00
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Ollila’s report steers the development of Nordic energy co-operation in the right direction

The report drawn up by Jorma Ollila for the Nordic Council on the development of Nordic energy co-operation is based on the co-ordination of energy policies and well-functioning electricity markets. The direction is correct, as the transition to a green, carbon-free power system requires close regional co-operation and making use of the markets.​
Fingrid largely supports the development measures presented in Ollila’s report. The proposals are based on well-functioning markets and on strengthening them. A market-based approach requires strong political support. Fingrid supports this approach and believes that the most cost-effective way to implement the electricity market transformation is by strengthening the markets. In his report, Ollila draws attention to the significant role of broad regional markets. Fingrid also considers the involvement of the Baltic countries to be of primary importance. This would boost power adequacy throughout the Baltic Sea area and strengthen the Nordic voice in the EU.

The proposal to establish a Nordic electricity market forum that brings together all stakeholders is important. It enables all stakeholders to be involved in the development of their region’s electricity market. The forum would also contribute to supporting the co-ordination of the region’s energy policies. “This has been a missing piece in Nordic and also in regional electricity market co-operation,” says Fingrid’s President and CEO, Jukka Ruusunen.

Fingrid advocates the opinion that Nordic co-operation is important in grid planning, operations and promoting the markets. The Nordic transmission system operators have established a joint operational planning unit in Copenhagen. “We have taken a forward-leaning approach by establishing an efficient joint unit in Copenhagen. Its tasks include calculating the right transmission capacities per hour, scheduling cross-border transmission outages and carrying out system security assessments,” says Ruusunen.

In the beginning of April, Fingrid published an action plan titled Our Shared Journey – a roadmap towards achieving a green power system, which contains concrete initiatives and measures and ongoing projects to develop the markets. The electricity market development measures can be crystallised into strengthening the position of the electricity consumer, developing marketplaces in line with the changing structure of power generation, and the active participation of market operators in balancing the electricity system. 
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Our Shared Journey – a roadmap towards achieving a green power system