20.2.2017 10:55
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Fingrid's Open data service has been launched

​As the first transmission system operator in Europe, Fingrid has launched a service that is open to everyone and is used to share information on the Finnish electricity system and electricity market. Open data refers to content and data in digital format that anybody can freely utilise and share without any charge.

Fingrid's new website contains plenty of materials on the electricity system and electricity market, including information on the status of the electricity system updated every three minutes. The service offers efficient search functions for looking for information materials, and information can be saved for later processing. Information materials can also be downloaded in a machine-readable format via an open interface.

The provision of open data in an easy way in one place enables the development of new services and applications. To Fingrid, offering open data is a cost-efficient way to improve the functioning of the electricity market: well-functioning markets require that operators have access to correct and up-to-date information in an easily utilisable format.

The site can be found at https://data.fingrid.fi

The service is continuously being developed, and feedback can be sent to avoindata@fingrid.fi

Further information:
Antti Aarnio, Manager, ICT, tel. +358 (0)30 395 4146