5.10.2016 10:25
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The start-up of Fenno-Skan 2 interconnection after annual maintenance is delayed

The start-up of 800 megawatt Fenno-Skan 2 high voltage direct current interconnection between Finland and Sweden is delayed after annual maintenance period. The reason for the delay is caused by excessive conductivity in the cooling liquid of the converter valves, which resulted into an unexpected need to exchange all the liquid.

The start-up is estimated to occur not later than 5th October 2016 at noon, which is a delay of a bit more than half day from the original start-up time. During the morning hours the whole transmission capacity of the Fenno-Skan 2 interconnection is allocated to the day-ahead market owing to re-dispatching of Finnish production and counter-trading of electricity from Estonia and Russia.

Additional information:
Manager Timo Kaukonen, phone +358 40 545 2124